The science and practice of Alternative Medicine has come a long way from Pharaoh’s Imhotep, Hypocrites, Aristotle and Traditional Chinese writings to the pioneering days of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Carl Rogers (1875-1961) and Milton Erickson (1902-80). Today it travels a road well illustrated and illuminated by more holistic, humanistic, behavioral, even radical new therapies mixed with homogenous treatments to provide and maintain better health on the whole person than the disease itself.

Transpersonal Therapy, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy are the treatment of mental disorders, emotional difficulties, psychosomatic and behavioral problems through often than not by non-invasive therapeutic means. It encourages the exploration of conscious and subconscious emotional issues. It is the form of therapy most suited to helping people understand, accept and deal with their emotional responses to conflicting relationships. 

Structural Corrections are in the forefront in the western world, combating physical ailments and pliability while Nutritive Therapy plays a pivoting role in fulfilling and balancing nutritive deficiencies and excesses - the modern ingredients to obesity and disease. Energy medicine, the future medicine of the world is revolutionizing all barriers of disorders gaining momentum in giant strides in every step of life.

We are in the midst of an epidemic of chronic diseases that threaten the health of our people and the economic well being of our nation. Systems based care and strong therapeutic remedies are required to address the dysfunctions that arise when genetic susceptibility, environmental exposure and unhealthy lifestyles interfere with natural health. Integrative Medicine is designed to meet and address just this challenge – to assist practitioners and patients recognize, manage and prevent the interwoven plexus of dysfunction that is at the foundation of chronic diseases.

Indeed most chronic disorders are preventable and much of it is reversible when a comprehensive, individualized approach addressing genetics, diet, nutrition, stress, exercise, rest, water, sunlight through a directed mindset are implemented through integrative and Functional Medicine.

Membership to the institution is restricted to invitations or recommendations and applies to persons who are in the healthcare fields, those who sincerely desire to assist and share their knowledge and time to the welfare of the general public particularly those inflicted with disease and those who require to maintaining better health.


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